Sunday, October 21, 2012

Slave to the Sleaze: "White Slave" (1986)

Kathy is your typical rubber plantation owner's daughter.

**SOME SPOILERS** Though schooling in England, she returns to the Amazon for summer vacation with her parents and scheming aunt and uncle. Her parents are killed and beheaded, and she is kidnapped by a tribe. She must do the bidding of the old guy in the tribe before he is killed by the hottie warrior who has fallen in love with her, and who she thinks killed her parents. Kathy integrates herself into the tribe, learning the language and local customs. She figures out, a year after we do, that her aunt and uncle killed her parents, her adopted tribe ONLY beheaded them. She goes back for some bloody revenge, is arrested, and the film is a flashback of her trial. In the end, she is all respectable and such, but still pines for the fjords...I mean, the jungle.

This is pure unadulterated exploitation. The blood flows freely and the clothes drop often. The Italian director took a pseudonym in the credits, always a good sign, and most of the cast names are bastardized English versions of foreign names.

We are treated to not one, but four on camera beheadings. The lead actress is topless for the last three quarters of the film. There is rape, helicopters, blow guns, the trial, a tribe of cannibals, and an alligator attack. This is also one bad film.

The film makers have the gumption to swear this is based on a true story, showing semi-documentary scenes that are obviously staged. This makes "Midnight Express" look like "Monsters, Inc."

Not much else can be said about this. It's gross, graphic, and strangely watchable. I will not recommend it, but if Ilsa of the SS is your type of thing, give "White Slave" a try. (*) out of five stars.