Saturday, November 18, 2017

Rush to Judgment: "August Rush" (2007)

I popped "August Rush" into the player and was immediately rolling my eyes. This story of an orphan looking for his long lost parents using only the universal draw of music was sappy, goofy, and the initial dialogue between the boy's parents was unintentionally hilarious. Soon, however, this weird take on "Oliver Twist" drew me in thanks to great acting by Terrence Howard and Freddie Highmore, and a compelling plotline that continually piqued my interest. The music was good, and the director's swirling camera captured the creative mind brilliantly. I loved how young August could hear rhythm and music in the most mundane urban noises, something any musician, artist, or writer can associate with- letting your mind listen and create something out of essentially nothing. I'm more surprised than anyone at how well the film recovered itself.

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