Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Long and Endure: "Marathon" (1983)

Considering I can condense the plot of this film into one sentence, this might be a short review. A costumed group of people, numbering over a dozen, have a sex party, which they move to a hospital room when they find out two partygoers were injured in a ski lift accident. Plot done.

The film is nothing more than two marathon orgy scenes, interrupted only when Jamie Gillis magically answers a non-ringing phone. The wasted opportunity boasts well-known porn performer names, even if you are not familiar with porn- Gillis, William Margold, Sharon Mitchell, John Holmes, and Ron Jeremy. Unfortunately, Gillis seems bored, and Holmes looks like he was hit by a bus on the way to the shoot.

The Vinegar Syndrome transfer is their usual bright and clear job, but in this instance the film wasn't worth the effort. Sure, there's a big name cast here literally going through the motions, but anyone looking for a clash of the porn titans will need to look elsewhere. Also surprising is Edgar G. Warren's writing credit, since no one can convince me anything you see onscreen was written down beforehand. The canned music is more entertaining than the sex scenes, or when bored you can see how many times Tobalina's camera finds the edge of the carpet on set, downstage from all the humping.

"Marathon" is a chore to sit through. You can almost spot the moment when adult films went from stories with explicit sexual scenes to nothing but anatomical parts bumping together (Tobalina shows only a few faces, so half the time you have no idea who you are seeing have sex). Don't run this marathon. This is self-rated (X) and contains very strong pornographic sexual content, very strong nudity, and profanity. (*) out of five stars.

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