Wednesday, August 26, 2015

An Assault on the Viewer As Well: "Savage Sadists" (1980)

The budget was so low on this porn flick..."how low was it?" was so low, instead of hearing a doorbell chime in the beginning of the film, the first spoken words are "ding dong."

Phil Prince's worst film unrolls on that awful note and keeps getting more and more rancid. While "Daughters of Discipline" was okay, and "Den of Domination" was bad in a good way, this thirty-eight minute rape fantasy is both dull and offensive. Two thugs break into a woman's home looking for her husband. He owes their boss money, and they rape the woman. She flees to his office (where he's been doing the secretary on his desk), and then the two thugs show up to rape the wife, secretary, and another woman while the husband hides under a desk.

If you're going to give the raincoat crowd a rape fantasy, fine; but don't have the victims get raped into enjoying themselves, I don't care if you are a larkish porno or not. The editing is more abruptly bad than the usual Prince film and his female performers look bored out of their skulls. I can understand the feeling. That's enough on "Savage Sadists," I give it (*) out of five stars.

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