Monday, August 24, 2015

A Guy Walks Into an S&M Bar: "Den of Dominance" (1980)

Phil Prince and Avon Productions strike again in a surprisingly boring little bondage and discipline short.

A guy walks into a bar that doesn't serve hard liquor, just beer and public sex. He hooks up with one woman, while another couple have sex on the actual an inter-edited sex scene that runs a third of the film's running time and will have you checking your watch (just like "Daughters of Discipline"). The two couples make their way to another part of the bar where another couple wearing some dog leashes and small link chains are using a wide riding crop in order to excite themselves. After this show, the two couples have sex again. The end.

This time around the women (especially the woman already at the bar) look bored. Really bored. The editing, both film and sound, is atrocious. During the sex scenes, watch for articles of clothing that disappear and then reappear in a different shot. The dialogue during the sex scenes doesn't match what we are actually watching. I realize Prince likes to jump right into the action with these short films of his (this one runs about thirty-eight minutes), but he didn't want to yell "cut" whenever someone looks right into the camera? The "bar" setting looks like someone's basement wet bar, and the soundtrack consists of a heartbeat sound effect during the sex scene that might have you making sure a cardiac arrest isn't imminent. Vinegar Syndrome does their usual impressive transfer, given the iffy source film print.

"Den of Dominance" is deemed a dang disappointment to digest. (*) out of five stars.

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