Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sisters are Doin' It to Themselves: "Daughters of Discipline" (1983)

This short pornographic film feels padded, thanks to an opening sex scene that runs almost ten minutes.

Glenda (Victoria Sands) and Rhoda (Robin Thorn) are two bored college-age (yes, college-age) sisters (yes, sisters) who have found one of their parents' bondage and discipline porno mags. Under the puppy dog eyed gaze of a Scott Baio poster, the two now-horny sisters engage in too much oral sex before calling their good friend John (David Christopher) over for some more fun. John falls asleep, and the girls use some of their new B&D ideas on him, before their parents (Dave Ruby, Nicole Bernard) come home and punish their daughters through forced sex with them and their friend.

Phil Prince's Avon pictures usually ran about forty minutes, and were filled with sexual violence and incest. This one is no different, with an overall sleazy factor that it proudly wears for its audience. Prince does pretty well behind the camera (there are only two sets, and a couple of outside shots of New York City), and the picture is surprisingly clear on the Vinegar Syndrome DVD release I saw. The performances are purely pornographic (Ruby's maniacal laugh at the end of the film is neither maniacal, or a very good fake laugh), but I have to admit Thorn is very attractive. Who has time for story arcs as the two women have sex literally within a minute of the film's beginning? The barely audible music is alright, and the sound design and colors are passable. This is incorrectly known as a second part to a better-known film with the same name, but I am using the film's title from the opening credit (that's one credit, no cast or crew is credited here).

"Daughters of Discipline" is a little light on the sado-masochism, evidently (what do I know?), but watching Thorn almost makes this short film worth it. (* *) out of five stars.

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