Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hey, What's That Slurpin' Noise?: "And Then Came Eve" (1976)

Although not "Thelma & Louise," Gloria and Eve team up to turn the tables on the male chauvinists in their lives.

Gloria and Eve (played by Ane Task and Olga Davis, but I am not sure who is who), decide they have had it with men calling the shots in their relationships just because of a nice steak dinner. They have a package delivered by a lucky guy named Ed, and as Gloria holds a gun on him, Eve has her way with him. Gloria also takes a turn, and at this point Ed doesn't need to be held at gunpoint to give these women what they want. After their scene (more about it later), any editing and story structure is forgotten- a hippie dude and one woman get it on by a pool while Gloria shows another man in to be "punished" by another woman. The hippie dude goes inside with the black woman, who promptly disappears, and hippie must do another woman's bidding. Gloria comes back in (why this wasn't called "And Then Came Gloria" is beyond me) with yet another guy to show everyone how it's done. Eve makes a triumphant return to her own movie in a goofy finale.

The sound design on the film is a hysterical disaster. Muzak versions of contemporary pop songs are played, along with moans of pleasure and dialogue obviously NOT from the shoot for this film. Finally, in most of the sex scenes, there is a sloshing/slurping sound that had me giggling. It is almost as loud as the music and promptly removes any eroticism onscreen. The women are all pretty, but aside from Ed the delivery guy, the men are not as easy on the eyes.

"And Then Came Eve" could have been a feminist-themed pornographic film, but evidently someone remembered porn shouldn't contain a message. Too bad, it gets (*) out of five stars.

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