Saturday, August 15, 2015

Not Quite Super: "Super Sex" (1986)

Carlos Tobalina returns with another filmed porn movie (in the age of videotaped porn for home use), and a story that almost lasts as long as the movie.

An older psychiatrist and his battle-axe receptionist take a vacation, leaving the practice to a younger doctor and a horny new receptionist. The new doctor begins sleeping with his attractive female patients, the new receptionist gets in on the action, but the older doctor returns. He sees the success his practice is having, fires his receptionist, and begins sleeping with assorted patients himself.

I'm not familiar enough with adult actors and actresses to assign them character names (with the exception of an unbilled Nina Hartley). The "older" doctor, under some pretty good aged makeup, makes full use of his resemblance to Burt Reynolds in the final scene. Tobalina cowrote the screenplay (according to sometimes iffy porn credits), but he should have ended the film when the older doctor came back from vacation. Instead, we get some vignette-style sex scenes that don't propel the story forward. The energy of the first half, with its synthesizer musical score and some nice camerawork, degenerates into bad ad-libbing and bored couplings, with the exception of the Burt Reynolds inspired finale.

The music and decor scream 1980's, and Vinegar Syndrome comes through with a clear, bright DVD transfer. "Super Sex" isn't as bad as a lot of porn out there, I suppose that's worth something. (* *) out of five stars.

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