Friday, August 28, 2015

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking: "The Young Like It Hot" (1983)

Hyapatia Lee makes her adult film debut in this not-so-bad effort from veteran director Bob Chinn.

Lee stars as Loni, a supervisor of a few telephone operators. The company will be switching to computerized service soon, so Loni decides the women (and one dude) need to go above and beyond the call (sorry) of duty- offering the callers advice and help instead of just moving them along to another connection. Big Dick (William Margold) starts the ball rolling with a memorable bit, and soon the employees are sleeping with some of the customers, when they have a break from sleeping with each other.

The film, courtesy of a Blu-ray presentation from Vinegar Syndrome, looks amazing. It is clear and bright, like all of VS' efforts. Chinn says in a separate interview that he was starting to lose interest in shooting these types of films, but it doesn't show, as there seemed to be actual planning in the shots. The screenplay, while containing a fare amount of sex, also has a plot and actual characters (even though both devices are paper-thin). We even hear a title theme song!

Much is made of Shauna Grant's performances, or lack thereof, in the films she made in her short career (she killed herself at the age of 20). I don't know how many viewers screen pornography for the acting, but she is just fine here. Grant was a flawless looking woman whose life ended way too soon. If you want to criticize anyone's performance, it's Lili Marlene, who I do believe was not given a script before Chinn yelled "action!" Everyone else is fine, although the tiny set does get claustrophobic from time to time, and David (Bud Lee), the only male operator in the company, looks uncomfortably similar to Rupert Holmes.

"The Young Like It Hot" is an awful title, and the live operators versus computers story is hopelessly dated, but the women are beautiful, the editing is quick, and the technical aspects are top notch (even though Joey Silvera resembles Cha-Ka from "Land of the Lost"). I give this flick (* * *) out of five stars.

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