Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Black on White, and Vice Versa: "Blue Vanities 306"

This compilation DVD features fourteen short films (stags or loops), all of which look like they are from the 1970's, with the theme being "interracial couplings":

"Black Plaything"
An older black man with a lot of bling gets it on with a lactating younger woman in a bedroom. 3/10

"An Integrated Impulse"
A black man, a white man, and a white woman have sex in a living room setting. 5/10

"I Fuck"
I think the white woman here is a hooker, entertaining three black men. 6/10

"Vanessa's Lusty Lad"
Vanessa del Rio with a black man and a white girl. 4/10

"Hot Licks"
A black man and a really cute girl start with some stretching before they have sex. 7/10

"Horn Blower"
An unfortunate song choice spoils this loop featuring a sax player and a woman. 5/10

"Black on White"
A cute but thin woman calls up a black man to come over for sex. 5/10

"Big Black Stud"
Sue Nero is pretty impressive, but her sexual partner is covered in so much facial hair he could pass for a werewolf. 5/10

Two men deliver some chairs to a woman in a star-spangled bikini before they have sex indoors. The exposure is too bright in this loop, and the white guy is creepy looking. 3/10

A black man has sex with a blonde, while a white man has sex with a black woman, before the black woman suddenly appears in the other sex scene. 3/10

"Soul Slave"
A white woman with thigh high boots and a black man have sex in a twin bed. Uncomfortable. 3/10

"Swedish Erotica: The Morning After"
This must be a scene from a longer film, complete with some partial credits, as a white man and his Asian looking maid have sex, and a black man enters to take part. 4/10

"Swedish Erotica: How Sweet It Was"
Another scene from a longer film, involving an Asian looking woman and a black man. 4/10

"Jungle Paul"
A very cute Sue Pearlman and a black man have sex, with Pearlman on a leash. 6/10

The titles come from the back of the DVD box, there are just a couple of partial credits onscreen. The collection is okay, some are worse than others, and the best clips never rise above mediocre. The music seems to be public domain from the 1940's or 1950's, and completely inappropriate for the sex scenes from the 1970's. I didn't do an average of all the clips, but I'm giving this compilation (* * *) out of five stars.

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