Friday, October 19, 2012

Underground? Let's Bury It!: "The Underground Comedy Movie" (1999)

Vince Offer brings his cable access "The Underground Comedy Show" to the big screen, complete with a ton of recognizable faces, and not a lot of laughs.

Offer goes the "Kentucky Fried Movie" and "Amazon Women on the Moon" route by sending up all sorts of television shows. He warns the viewer in the first couple of seconds that this will offend everyone, usually a bad sign since offensive material takes precedence over funny.

Offer starts things off with a terrible spoof of "Batman" (it's a baseball player) battling the Rhymer (who has robbed a sperm bank). This skit goes on forever. Michael Clarke Duncan has a few laughs as a gay virgin fighting off the advances of Ant. Randy Newman is parodied well in the song "I Hate L.A.," but Joey Buttafuoco and a dumb skit ruin "The Godmother."

Slash hosts the Miss America Bag Lady Pageant, which might have worked if he knew how to read lines. "Psychology Today" goes nowhere, as does "Flirty Harry," where the catch phrase "go ahead, make me gay" is introduced. "The Porno Review" showed great promise, but just goes too long. The O.J. Simpson trial is hit on too often, as well.

The main problem is Offer's inability to edit some of the segments down so he could keep the jokes going. I was bored through much of this, after the "shock" of abortion and baby killing jokes wore off. It was a kick to see Karen Black, Angelyne, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Gena Lee Nolin in this, but it was not enough.

"The Underground Comedy Movie" is another inside joke made for a small audience who might get this, while the rest of us wonder what all the fuss about the original television show was for. (*) out of five stars.