Monday, October 15, 2012

Sputter University: "Splatter University" (1984)

The following brief review and spoiler will save you seventy nine minutes of your life.

First, here's the big giant spoiler about this film. Do not read it comes, avert your eyes! The main heroine, the girl who always survives in other slasher films, is murdered here. There, I just saved you 79 minutes.

This is one of those cheap movies that was thrown together in the middle of the slasher era of the '80's. Despite killing the heroine off, this is just substandard junk. A mad killer is loose on a religious college campus, there's your plot.

Both priests and college students get a bad rap here. They are pictured as oversexed, sociopathic morons who have way too many internal problems to deal with what looks like junior college campus life...and the college students come off even worse.

"Splatter University" is just gunk to put in your VCR when you have nothing better to do, although I suggest watching your head cleaner tape, that would be more entertaining. (*) out of five stars.