Tuesday, October 9, 2012

You Might Be a Redneck's Lunch If...: "Redneck Zombies" (1987)

"Redneck Zombies- The Director's Cut??" Finally, someone restored this cinematic achievement to the glory that the director intended, censors be darned!

The story, as it were, has a barrel of nuclear waste being dumped in the backwoods and turned into moonshine by a redneck family. The rednecks become the title after drinking the stuff, and attack some well meaning, pot smoking campers. The entire film is a series of very gory attacks as the zombies multiply thanks to all the moonshiner's customers. Instead of killing the zombies with gunshots to the head, the campers find they can kill them with spray antiperspirant.

This came out way before Jeff Foxworthy made a career of making fun of people from the south. The stereotypes here are all offensive, as the film makers make fun of rednecks, blacks, gays, etc. The comedy is of the Hee Haw variety, with plenty of "I'm so stupid" jokes, as well as a ripoff of better horror films like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

Most impressive here are the gore effects. This was obviously shot on video, but the nonstop gore is very good. The cast are all local talent, and do what they can with the material, although the makeup effects are the real star. The movie is not very good, but future film makers might see that you do not need a huge budget to get some very good gore effects on camera.

"Redneck Zombies- The Director's Cut" comes from Troma Video, and the barrage of commercials at the beginning of the video will attest to that. I am not a huge Troma fan, but this silliness is one of their better efforts. (* * *) out of five stars.