Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Never 'Surrender': "Surrender" (2000)

Cute Lauren (Kira Reed) is tracking a spirit, a spirit that is making your run of the mill ordinary folk turn into sex monsters.

The spirit has been nicknamed Eros, and Lauren experienced it after breaking up with a boyfriend and almost humping a stranger in a parking lot. She then interviews people who also share her experiences, but find the chain of lust suddenly broken until her hot to trot roomie finds the spirit again.

This is not any sort of mystery or investigation as much as it is a lot of dry humping and badly decorated sets. All the women here are beautiful, the men are hunky, the soundtrack is appropriately laden with saxophones, but everything about this video has an air of familiarity to it.

The script is a disaster, the storyline tries to engage the viewer on a level other than wanting to see hot chicks in thongs. The acting is above par for this kind of project, but the special effects are of the Video Toaster variety, and no conclusion is ever reached. This will anger anyone who must sit through ninety minutes of this, hoping something new will be tried. The sex is all softcore, there are a couple of shots where the actors' "socks" are evident.

"Surrender" is run of the mill straight to video softcore sex. If you are hoping for some sort of "The X Files"-spin on a tried and tired genre, look elsewhere. (* *) out of five stars.