Friday, October 26, 2012


This blog is the culmination of over a decade of review writing on such internet spots as Efilmcritic, HollywoodBitchslap, Epinions, IMDB, and Amazon. They are in alphabetical order according to the film's title, and the index on the right hand side of the screen should lead you to any reviews. The reviews span a long period of time, so my children age years and change from review to review, as does my marital status, and weight gain!

Some of the reviews written were done from screener copies sent by film makers and studios. The screeners had no effect on my opinion of the work, and should not be taken as payment, or a guarantee of a positive review (as more than one pissed film maker would come to find out).

Charles T. Tatum, Jr.
revised May 13, 2016