Friday, October 12, 2012

Can A Porno Be Funny? This Often Is: "Sexcapades" (1983)

Harry Crocker (Eric Edwards) has left the porn industry to direct documentaries. Seven years later, he has a few awards and no money to show for it.

Producer Lorraine (Lee Carroll) gives him the chance to make another porn, and make some more money. Harry's prudish wife, Miriam (a very funny Sharon Mitchell), will have none of it, especially when Harry announces the film will be shot in their home.

Soon, the set is a wreck. Scenes are running late, one actress apparently cannot read- which makes line memorization difficult. The Crockers' maid, Mi Ting (Mai Lin), is watching the shoot, and the film's story also involves a man sleeping with his maid. The porn shoot starts crossing over into Harry's life.

I was very surprised at how many funny scenes there were here. The opening audition scene, as two performers make love on an office floor as phones ring and secretaries walk through. Harry's concern with realism in the film. Lorraine's casting couch with the actress who does not want to memorize lines. Sharon Mitchell reminded me of Ali MacGraw's character in "Just Tell Me What You Want," tossing her hair around and being disgusted at her husband's actions.

This being a porno, however, the editing is sloppy. The sound synch is also bad, some actors deliver dialogue without opening their mouths. The music is rather cheesy, sounding like a mid-1970's R rated sex comedy. Some of the porno actors really shouldn't try to memorize lines, as much of the dialogue is flubbed or obviously dropped.

"Sexcapades" is one of the few porn films to make sex seem fun. So many are concerned with "scenes," and no story, that this makes for a refreshing change. (* * * *) out of five stars.