Monday, October 8, 2012

The Grapes of Wrath: "Psychos in Love" (1987)

This horror comedy is at least as funny as "Scary Movie," and just as lacking in plot.

Joe, a bar owner and part time psychotic killer, meets Kate, a manicurist and part time psychotic killer. They bond over their hatred of grapes (I am not making this up), and decide to marry, and keep their relationship from interfering with their respective murdering.

The female lead, Kate, looks a lot like Molly Ringwald. Joe looks like me with a beard. There is a subplot involving a plumber who eats his victims who has a run in with Kate and Joe, but that really does not go anywhere.

What can I write about a movie with that kind of plot? There are quite a few bloody murders and even more nude women, which is weird for a low budget film like this. There are too many scenes of rape, and the acting is less than stellar. The film quickly makes its point about love and marriage being hard, even when you are murderers, and then beats it to death for 88 minutes.

The actors do have fun with the genre, however. There is a funny wedding scene that rips off "who's on first?" One scene has the actors talking when a boom mike bonks them in the head, they sweep it aside without a second glance. The writers play with tons of film making conventions to the point that you realize this is not going to be a Shakespearean, or even Adam Sandlerian, smart comedy.

I just cannot believe how much I laughed through this. Joe and Kate would argue about where their relationship is going while disposing of bodies. The plumber/killer/cannibal is very good. The gore is cheap but good.

I recommend this like I recommended "Scary Movie," with some reservations and a stern warning that this will probably not enrich your life in any way. Bon appetit! (* * * *) out of five stars.