Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Going Down: "The Lift" (1985)

I am familiar with this director because he made a pretty good action film after this called "Amsterdamned." That film had no killing transportation devices. While the hero here is an elevator repairman, that is really the only new twist in a formula horror film. He teams with a cute and spunky female tabloid reporter (since all female reporters are cute and spunky), and tries to find out why the elevator is killing people. The film was done in Dutch, then dubbed, but the film makers never bother to translate any of the Dutch language signs (and there are a lot).

My biggest problem here is the killer elevator. It seems to forget how to kill, since it sometimes maims, sometimes just sends people to the hospital, and sometimes does nothing at all. It doesn't kill anyone because they harmed it, it kills because that is the whim of the director. Yes, we have the scene where the guy's head is taken off in the shaft, but I have seen more convincing heads on mugs of root beer (don't ask me what that meant, it just read funny). The final scenes, and why the elevator kills, are both iffy.

Thankfully, we have no sequel. Killer escalators or floor wax must wait until another day to taste blood. The video box is correct, don't get on this elevator. (* *) out of five stars.