Thursday, October 11, 2012

Scammers III: The Takedown: "Scanners III: The Takeover" (1992)

Filled to the gullet with trepidation, I took out the third in the Canadian series about telekinetics and exploding heads.

The film makers this time try something new. A brother and sister team of scanners (but not the siblings from the second film) live a life of luxury. Their daddy is a scientist still trying to get that latest scanner drug right. The brother accidentally kills his best friend at a party by scanning him right out an open balcony door, and he leaves for a Buddhist monastery in Thailand (as all scanners are wont to do). Sis back home starts taking daddy's very experimental drug, and suddenly turns evil. She gets nekkid in a hot tub and scans daddy to death, taking over his position and starting, everybody now, "AN EVIL CORPORATION." What is with this series and capitalism? Anyway, bro comes back, he and sis argue all scanner like, and good triumphs over evil...again.

Surprisingly, the basic plot was not too bad. However, the whole evil corporation shtick is getting really old. Also unexplained is why the sister has a Polish accent, and the brother has a Canadian accent. Once again, there are lots of stunt people getting jerk roped through walls and windows and doors, and lots of blood and gore as heads and bodies explode. The love interest for the brother here is one of those smart and beautiful research scientists at the evil corporation whose character is completely naive as to the sister's goings-on. The scanners in this film do not just stare googly-eyed at their prey, they whip their heads at them like a groupie at a B-52's concert. I guess scanners do not get dizzy.

The Scanners series is like an exploding head: painful to watch but you cannot look away. "Scanners III: The Takeover" is underwhelming. (* *) out of five stars.