Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stupid Night, Dumb Night: "Silent Night, Deadly Night" (1984)

This little slice of hell was picketed when released because the psycho killer is dressed as Santa Claus. That ain't the half of it.

I have never seen a film that has such a devout hatred of children. The first twenty minutes of this are nauseating as a child is scared after unwisely being left alone with his "catatonic" grandfather. The child sees his parents killed, including his mother getting her top ripped off and her throat slit. His father gets shot in the head a couple of times. The boy, Billy, and his baby brother, Ricky, go to an orphanage where all the beatings and being tied to the bed commence. He grows up, leaves the orphanage, finds himself playing Santa at a toy store, has a flashback, and begins killing everyone.

Of the four women killed in the film, three of them are topless when their death occurs. The children at the orphanage witness not one, but two, men dressed as Santa Claus shot to death right in front of them. When Billy, the main killer, is offed, Ricky goes a little nuts, guaranteeing a sequel or two...or three.

I remember thinking it was no big deal that the killer dressed like Santa when "Silent Night, Deadly Night" came out. Now that I have kids of my own, I would not let them within a hundred feet of the TV while I reviewed this. This film is disgusting, without the slightest scare or original idea.

Go rent "Black Christmas" instead. (*) out of five stars.