Wednesday, October 10, 2012

No Deposit, No Return: "Return" (1986)

If ever a film generates a complete feeling of indifference in a reviewer, this is it.

A young woman finds a man who claims to hypnotically regress to the woman's grandfather, who was murdered years before. The woman's search opens up a big old can of worms, involving her unstable mother and political office seeking father. Frederic Forrest is Dad, who is going to run for governor of Arkansas...we all know what happens when someone gets that job, you either end up in the White House, the big house, or the dog house.

The film is short, seventy eight minutes, so the writer/director moves the plot along without spending too much time on intricate character development or suspense. The final "twist" is something you will see coming up the main street of your hometown. Even the normally reliable Forrest seems to have filmed all of his scenes in an afternoon.

This is a supernatural thriller, without the supernatural thrills. The love affair is forced, and the cast must suffer through some stiff line readings.

All in all, this will not change your life and it will not ruin it. Think of this as the last fast food meal you ate. Remember that? Me neither. (* * *) out of five stars.