Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rage Against the Mediocre: "Raging Angels" (1995)

Despite a name cast and a couple of Oscar veterans, this silly film has little going for it.

Sean Patrick Flanery, who is still trying to find that star making role, is a down and out musician with a cute girlfriend. She is hired as a backup singer for Michael Pare, who is pushing a one world order with the backing of...oh, I don't know...could it be...SATAN. Flanery has religious fanatics grandma Shelley Winters and evangelist Diane Ladd on his side, for what that is worth.

The pseudonym Alan Smithee is used by directors who take their name off a project, and I was surprised to not see it used more throughout the credits. Five different writers are credited with a script that features more holes than an Afghani cave complex. Michael Pare finally gets to use the guitar face that made "Eddie and the Cruisers" so successful, but the songs here are all really tepid and uninteresting. Speaking of tepid, the special effects are awful, I have seen better use of computer animation on local television ads.

I cannot imagine the film makers started out with such a cheap idea, but after getting the cast, that is what the film degenerated into. "Raging Angels" is a cool title to an otherwise bland film. (* *) out of five stars.