Sunday, September 30, 2012

Seekin' Hyde: "Jacqueline Hyde" (2005)

Sure, you might think "oh, great, yet another modern version of Robert Louis Stevenson's Jekyll and Hyde story." I doubt even old Bob himself was imagining anything this sexy.

Recently fired telemarketer Jackie Hyde (Gabriella Hall) inherits a giant house from her recently deceased magician grandfather. Jackie is lonely and doesn't have any friends, so she is intrigued when she discovers her grandfather's invention. Grandpa created a serum that allows the user to physically transform into other people.

Jackie becomes her sexy neighbor, and the neighbor's sexy boyfriend, then settles on a magazine model she renames Jacqueline (Blythe Metz). Estate lawyer Phillip (Jeremy Ordaz) likes Jackie, is turned on by Jacqueline, but begins to suspect something is wrong with both. Jacqueline keeps Jackie hidden inside her guise, and sets out to find a lover who can keep up with her.

Written and directed by Rolfe Kanefsky, "Jacqueline Hyde" features some of the boldest sex scenes since "Basic Instinct." Ordaz is not movie star artificial handsome, but is very believable as the normal Phillip. Metz is not only beautiful, but completely sinks her teeth into a great role. Kanefsky is careful to keep things from toppling over into all out comedy, but the movie's tone does not become too dark and pretentious (like "Mary Reilly").

At first, I did not think star and co-producer Gabriella Hall was mousy enough as Jackie. I realized she did not have to be the complete opposite of Metz, and playing the role as simply "ordinary Jackie" was the way to go. I have had a crush on Hall since her "Alien Erotica" days, and her Jackie is sexy and vivacious, immediately aware of the danger she has put herself into.

Using just a handful of sets, Kanefsky keeps things clicking along. Christopher Farrell's music and Paul Deng's photography add a big budget dimension to the film. There are some iffy effects along the way, including a terrible closing shot morph, which does take something from the film.

Available in an unrated DVD release, "Jacqueline Hyde" is a sex and nudity laden romp for erotic horror fans. If Misty Mundae and Seduction Cinema are planning their next straight to video crapfest, they should rent this and take notes. (* * * *) out of five stars.