Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mondo Crappo: "Death Scenes" (1989)

As overrated satanic priest Anton LaVey intones darkly about the carnage on this tape, I had a thought.

Does one of the later entries in this series feature a picture of LaVey laid out on an autopsy table? We are treated to scenes of crime scene photos of everything from suicide victims to murdered and molested children, do we get the visual treat of seeing old LaVey after the coroner was done with him? Probably not. I just do not understand the pull these videos have. Real gore, real death. The tape is funniest when it blames Hollywood films for numbing this nation to the sanctity of human life, as if Wavelength Video was doing me a favor. Why did I take this from the video store then? To rant and rave about this kind of mondo garbage. "Death Scenes" is not educational. It is not even very well done. "Death Scenes" is garbage, appealing to the lowest common denominator of society. If your life is so empty that the thought of seeing sixty year old crime scene photos appeals to you, you might want to check the self help book section.

Good luck with your recovery. (*) out of five stars.