Monday, September 24, 2012

Lesbians in the Mist: "The Erotic Witch Project" (2000)

Comedian Paul Reiser once said straight men like to watch two lesbians have sex because the men agree with both of them.

In this silly spoof, three women plunge into the woods of New Jersey to find the erotic witch. They begin to get certain urges and prey upon each other, sexually. They also find strange things in the forest, left by either the erotic witch or an escaped gorilla (don't ask), consisting of sex toys, porn mags, and a blow up doll. Funniest of all are some twigs and acorns arranged like a nude woman, with the words "EAT ME" formed with sticks close by.

As with most porn, the plot and characters are secondary, or even thirdly, to the sex and nudity. Darian, Katie, and Victoria are indeed beautiful, my fave was Victoria, but they could not act their way out of a wet paper thong. At one point, one of the actresses uses the challenging word "ridiculous," and suddenly this word is repeated over and over again for the rest of the film, describing absolutely everything. The actresses find themselves in all sorts of sexual situations with each other, but constantly deny that the erotic witch is causing this, when in fact the locals just told us this in the first few scenes.

One glaring gaffe occurs when Darian goes missing and Katie and Victoria look for her. In the very next scene, Katie and Victoria are in a tent, wake up, and notice Darian is missing, and go look for her. The director failed to find her in the previous scene, yet in that blink of a transition, she was found, everyone went to sleep, then she disappeared again! As long as Victoria stays put... This is just under ninety minutes, which means total production time was about ninety minutes. This is shot on video, and some of the interviews with the locals are funny.

Need a lesbian sex fix with no scares or suspense, then take this excursion into the bush. I won't recommend it, but I cannot bring myself to hate it. (* *) out of five stars.