Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Load of Bull: "For Whom the Bulls Toil" (1953)

Disney plays a little racist in a quick seven minute cartoon.

This short has tourist Goody riding his jalopy through Mexico, and meeting up with an obstinate bull on a road. After removing him through dumb luck, the local villagers call ahead to the city, and announce the arrival of the new matador. Goofy shows up and faces a bull in a crowded arena.

While amusing enough, Bugs Bunny fought a bull to much funnier results. The downer here is the portrayal of Mexicans- caricatures with funny accents, sombreros, and unkempt hair and mustaches. IMDB lists an alternate version with the Mexicans edited out, but they show up on the video "Cartoon Classics- Volume 3- Here's Goofy!"

Kids might need that title Hemingway reference explained, as well as the Mexican stereotype. (* * *) out of five stars.