Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Faces of Death: "Buried in the Sand: The Deception of America" (2004)

Finally! A film that combats the liberal view that we should not be in Iraq! A film that argues how Iraq is better off today thanks to the removal of Saddam Hussein! Oh, wait, this is not that film.

An anchorman-type named Mark Taylor (the credits are full of initials and pseudonyms, so I am not sure if Taylor is his real name) introduces shocking video clips of torture carried out by the Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein's tyrannical rule. The viewer is treated to mutilations and public punishments based on radical interpretations of Islamic law. The video is real and disturbing. Then, the film makers quote the liberal trio of Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry, all voicing their opinions that we should be in Iraq.

Then the video lost me. We get an assault by an Apache helicopter on Iraqis who are hiding weapons. Ted Kennedy's quote about Abu Ghraib being reopened for torture under new management after the idiotic actions of those National Guard soldiers is displayed (never mind that Saddam Hussein executed an astonishing 30,000 people at Abu Ghraib during his rule, a number George W. Bush could never touch while he was governor of capital punishing Texas).

The film makers continue to dwell on "Faces of Death"-type footage to make their point. The gore and violence is never put into any context, making one wonder where it all came from. One public beheading is credited to Saudi Arabia, negating the film's ambition to show us the torture of the former regimes of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Then the video makers finally cross the line, sealing this reviewer's negative review. The recent beheadings of American hostages in Iraq are shown without edits. I was washed over with a wave of nausea, not patriotism as these people screamed for their lives as cowardly terrorists slit their throats and removed their heads. This grimmest of footage is not here to educate, it is here to appeal to the lowest common denominator of humanity. The film makers want to sell discs and make money, and here is some shocking footage to move sales.

"Buried in the Sand- The Deception of America" is not worth your time or effort, and is certainly not even in the same league as other political documentaries out there. America is being deceived, but the people who are peddling this collection of snuff films under the banner of education and democracy are the ones doing the deceiving. Simply repulsive. (*) out of five stars.