Friday, April 29, 2011

When Sequelitis Proves Fatal: "Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild" (2008)

While the word "subtle" doesn't occur to anyone witnessing the further adventures of Nico, Andy, Griff, and Jarod from "Another Gay Movie," I think writer/director Todd Stephens may have had a better sequel if someone had just said "enough already!"

Nico (Jonah Blechman), Andy (Jake Moser), and couple Griff (Aaron Michael Davies) and Jarod (Jimmy Clabots) head to Fort Lauderdale for spring break. There, they enter a "gays gone wild" contest, where the winner is determined by the most amount of sex a man can possibly have. Our heroes' main competition is Jasper (Will Wikle), constantly flanked by his cronies- Jasper Chan and Jasper Pledge. The Jaspers sabotage the boys, who all begin to question their hedonistic lifestyle.

Seems straightforward? A little meh? Don't fret. Perez Hilton plays himself, after getting konked on the head and finding Jesus. RuPaul is Tyrelle Tyrelle, the hotel's activity director. Scott Thompson is not given enough screen time as Andy's equally gay dad who happens to show up in Florida for the sex competition. Come on, Nico finds a mer-man and has a big musical number celebrating sexual urination. However...

A lot of the film is just not funny. Stephens wallows in vulgarity and gore (!) when it seems a punchline was lacking. While most of the cast is great (Blechman the only actor of the four leads returning from "Another Gay Movie"), Hilton's extended cameo is the same joke over and over. Any attempts at physical comedy thud instead of working.

Director of photography Carl Bartels' palette here is so lush and bold, I expected to see colors drip off the screen like spilled paint. Blechman's Nico reminded me of Hedwig, and Moser, Davies, and Clabots are so damn likable, I cringed at most of the material they were given. For the record, Will Wikle (as the flawless Jasper) is so funny he should get his own film- trust me, you know someone like him whether you are gay or not. The music is fun, especially the opening theme by one Nancy Sinatra, and the overly obvious product placement is a hoot.

Yes, there is more anal sex here than twenty showings of "Brokeback Mountain," and the explicit content may turn off the casual viewer. I like a good gay comedy as much as the next guy (see "Dorian Blues" or "All Over the Guy"), but Stephens went for the shock laugh and couldn't get me to smile. Also, for a big loud spoof, not much is spoofed.

"Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild" is like all the really dirty parts of all of John Waters' films gathered together without any context or story. Sorry, girls; but I do look forward to the concluding chapter of your planned trilogy. Outer space, you say? (* *) out of five stars.