Saturday, April 9, 2011

Inalienable Wrongs: "Aliens from Outer Space" (2011)

Bill Knell and his magical somnambulist slide show return to wreak havoc across the countryside.

After reviewing "UFOs Do Not Exist!" a few weeks back, I knew what to expect. Bill Knell is a UFO researcher armed with every shady fact and anonymous source he is able to cull from the world wide web. He has hundreds of photographs and hours of video of strange lights and disc shaped objects hovering in the sky, all of which is being sponsored and covered up by our government (in the age of Hope and Change? Really?).

With this three hour presentation, Knell opens with the history of sci-fi entertainment, stealing freeze frames from the "Star Trek" television series, and then plunges into more recent alien activity. The Flushing Meadows Zoo Animal Massacre is covered (I didn't know about it, either) after a very long history of both of New York's World Fairs. We are not done yet as stories are told about aliens being kept in the capitol building in Washington; and a mysterious plane crash near Seattle.

The boredom goes international as Knell covers new sightings in Wales, and he spends a lot of time on the Phoenix Lights, as well as other sightings in Australia, Vietnam, Alabama, Indiana, New Jersey, and Texas (all boldly illustrated with road atlases and newspaper maps).

Once again, except for a few minutes of a newscast (more on that later), this is a three hour slide presentation. Knell puts his name on an opening credit, but provides no other information about what we are seeing unless you can make out some of the captions on a few photographs. He tries to set the mood with some terrible canned music, and plays the songs "Wooly Bully" and "Sugar Shack," I'm sure he got permission to use those.

Knell complains that the mainstream media never covers the UFO phenomenon. To prove this, he provides tons of video from Fox News...covering the UFO phenomenon! What happened, Bill? While I may not believe we are being visited by aliens (I'm pretty sure a lot of this is aircraft, secret and otherwise), Knell does not question his findings. You want to prove to me that aliens are out there? Then don't assume I am going to simply take your word for it. All the video and photos in the world will not convince me, especially when used out of context- a Knell documentary tradition.

Oh, what words Knell slaughters on his droning narration. He mispronounces "Gemini" as "Geminee," uses the S in "debris," and comes up with a new word: "feeled" in "I feeled three hours of my life slip away when I watched this video." He stops speaking for several seconds, waiting for the visuals to catch up to his script. He also apologizes for mispronouncing Australian and Vietnamese proper names, instead of actually doing some research to find out how to say them correctly.

"Aliens from Outer Space" should be avoided at all costs. Google Bill Knell's name, you will find a lot of people out there are unhappy with him. Count me as one of them. (*) out of five stars.